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Supporting Ontario’s Recovery and Competitiveness

Minister Sarkaria announced Ontario’s Spring Red Tape Reduction Package and introduced the Supporting Recovery and Competitiveness Act, legislation that would modernize rules, minimize existing barriers on businesses, and support a long-term recovery plan. If passed, the act will help more people and businesses recover from the economic effects of COVID-19 and prepare them for future opportunities.

The proposed legislative changes, along with other measures in the package, include:

  • Helping consumers save money on electricity by making it easier for them to track their energy usage
  • Helping to ensure Ontario remains a global leader in the connected and automated vehicle industry by supporting innovative pilot programs – like consulting on adding new vehicle types such as automated farm vehicles, and removing certain restrictions around modified automated vehicles
  • Modernizing Ontario by bringing more processes and services online, like sticker renewal for heavy commercial vehicle licence plates
  • Enhancing protections for workers by strengthening policies that keep them safe – like reviewing the working at heights training program to improve standards for training content and delivery
  • Supporting the not-for-profit sector and other corporations by allowing them to continue to hold virtual meetings during the pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic has reinforced the need for government to modernize regulations and reduce regulatory roadblocks on people and businesses, and this package is the latest in a series of actions that continues our work to cut costly red tape, minimize existing barriers on business, and digitize processes to attract investment, create jobs, and support a long-term recovery plan.

The measures Minister Sarkaria introduced today are designed to spark competitiveness, support businesses, and help government deliver clear and effective rules that protect our environment and keep Ontario workers and families safe and healthy.

Burdensome regulations cost businesses time and money, stifle growth, & cost Ontarians opportunities to get ahead. Modern regulations that are easy to understand and comply with will allow people and businesses to invest time and money in the priorities that matter to them.

Continuing to improve Ontario’s regulatory framework is key to giving our businesses the support they need and is critical to making Ontario work better for people and businesses alike.

Click here to read the Supporting Ontario’s Recovery and Competitiveness document.