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Public Feedback Deadline Extended – New Watermain Region of Peel

Virtual Public Information Centre New Watermain South of Williams Parkway Including Downtown Public Feedback Deadline Extended to January 21 2022Click here to link to Region of Peel Website.

New watermain south of Williams Parkway

Input from the public is needed to provide feedback on alternative solutions.

Public information centre (PIC)

Review the display boards and submit any questions or comments to the Project Manager by January 21, 2022. Paper copies of the display boards are available upon request.

The Study

The Region of Peel is undertaking an Environmental Assessment (EA) Study to select a preferred water main route alignment in the City of Brampton. The project is needed for future water demands and growth in the City of Brampton’s downtown core.


The study will follow a Schedule B Class EA process including; public and agency stakeholder meetings, evaluation of alternatives, identifying measures to reduce impact on the environment and a traceable, reproducible decision-making process.

Your Input is Important

Public and review agency consultation is a key part of the EA process. A Public Information Centre (PIC) will be held to present the findings of the EA and to provide an opportunity to give feedback to the project team.

We are interested in hearing any comments or concerns that you may have about this study. The Region wants to ensure that anyone interested in this study has the opportunity to provide input before any decisions are made on a preferred solution.

The Region of Peel is committed to ensure that all Regional services, programs and facilities are inclusive and accessible for persons with disabilities. Please contact the Project Manager if you need any disability accommodations to provide comments or feedback for this study.

To obtain additional information regarding this project or to submit comments, please contact:

Jimmy Cheema
Project Manager,
Water Linear Engineering & Reliability
Capital Works, Region of Peel