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Presenting EUPHORIAexperience


Tracy Pepe

The Scented L’Air, of Nose Knows Design

905 216 8766

Presenting EUPHORIAexperience: a scent installation that evokes a sensorial experience through various mediums of touch, sound, taste and touch.   For one night only, the EUPHORIAexperience will be revealed at the historic Peel Art Gallery Museum and Archives on Wednesday June 19, 2019 in downtown Brampton.

 Tickets on SALE NOW!

Tickets $50,00 plus HST (+19 years and older).  Community DEAL visit, anyone of the following Down Town partners and get a $25 voucher.

Tracy Pepe perfumer and scent designer was inspired to create the

EUPHORIAexperience  originated from the darkness of a personal situation. After months of reflection Tracy began perfecting the essential oil blend. A scent that lifted her spirits and awakened the hidden love and passion she once felt.

The blend is translated as a fruity, sweet scent that begins with top notes of mandarin, tangerine, Italian lemon and pink grapefruit. Over thirty (30)  citrus oils are infused together. The aroma heightens with a sweet and syrupy feel.  The middle accord is infused with Sweet Yuzu imported from Korea combined with petitgrain, basil and lemon verbena. The aroma ends with blond woods, musk, ylang ylang and jasmine to create the base accord of dreamscapes and wishful thoughts.

Once Tracy completed the blend, she approached local artisans and asked if they could interpret her work. How does Euphoria – taste – feel – sound – look like? The visual experience has been captured by local artist Karen Darling. Karen has created a 5-foot painting on canvas of her interpretation using oils, cold wax and oil sticks. Her painting communicates the sense of ‘bubbling up’ and floating through many layers to arrive at the surface in a new, fresh state.

The signature scent is highlighted with an interpretation of taste. Since scent and taste is so intertwined, it was perfect that Kristina Romasco, local cake and flavour designer, added her experience to the project. Her creativity has created a decadent flavourful experience.

EUPHORIAexperience has an energy that is portrayed by Deborah Kenny and

Adriel Domingue. Both artists took the fragrance interpretation and translated Euphoria in a sensual encounter for touch. The sound of Euphoria will be led by the musical creations of Carmen Spada and a trio of jazz musicians.

With all the pieces, it was decided to approach The Peel Art Gallery, Museum and Archives, a museum, art gallery, and archives for the Regional Municipality of Peel. PAMA, is proud to showcase this never seen before exhibit.

EUPHORIAexperience is an artistic installation that has grown organically; community love. When the unveiling is completed each of the experiences will be featured in the artisan’s downtown stores and studios. Curating this project would not be possible without the support of the local downtown community, volunteers and sponsors.

Tickets on SALE NOW!

Tickets $50,00 plus HST (+19 years and older).  Community DEAL visit, anyone of the following Down Town partners and get a $25 voucher.

Voucher Partners 

  • Algoma University
  • Superior Shea Butter
  • The Scented L’air
  • Deborah Kenny Jewellery Design
  • Dolcezza Custom Cakes
  • Academy of Martial Arts
  • Brampton Denture Clinic
  • Queen Gypsy
  • Downtown BIA
  • 9 Queen St
  • PAMA
  • Restyle Beauty Boutique

Community and many other individuals added to the framework such as Marketing Adventurista, and Carol Fox CRP Accounting Services.

Special Thanks to corporate sparkle sponsors, Algoma University, 9 Queen

Chinese, By Julie Mortgage Solutions, Lisa Iturriaga REMAX, The Downtown

Brampton BIA, and PAMA Peel Art Gallery, Museum and Archives


For media Inquiries please contact Tracy Pepe, 905-216-8766,