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New eBook by Tracy Pepe, owner of The Scented L’air

Tracy Pepe, owner of The Scented L’air [29 Queen Street East] has released a NEW EBook: WHY the NOSE?, a how-to guide on smell learning, available for only $2.95.

Front cover of WHY the NOSE? white text on black with photo of Tracy Pepe and oil bottles and droppers.

Written as a learning guide to help those improve their sense of smell and taste. The connection to depression from loss of smell is an alarming result from COVID 19. If you’ve lost your sense of smell and taste from COVID, respected perfumer Tracy Pepe can teach you to regain it.

WHY the NOSE? outlines the research and connections on how scent can impact mental health. Tracy’s book is an extension of her TED TALK “How the nose knows”, however expanding on the current research and collations to smell learning.

Tracy’s book works with a 20-week program based on scientific research as well as her decades of expertise. Using equipment you have at home, and widely available essential oils, her program is based on techniques proven to help patients recover more quickly and completely.

WHY the NOSE? is published as an e-book on August 20th and in print Fall 2021. It lays out her complete smell training program for you to follow at home. She also offers smelling kits and online support through her website and social media.

Back cover of ebook WHY the NOSE? with photo of Tracy Pepe and photo of essential oil bottle. White text on black background.

Over the last 30 years Tracy Pepe has been developing her superpower– the connection between mental health and our sense of smell. As a perfumer, specializing with essential oils and aromatic chemicals, her career has defined her as a “pioneer”, curating various scent solutions to rethink practical synesthesia in architecture and interior design. Through her business The Scented L’air Tracy has built dozens of experiential design collaborations with professionals in both architecture and interior design.

Visit Tracy and her team at 29 Queen Street East, Downtown Brampton and follow The Scented L’air on instagram @thescentedlair