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Member Resources

Grants and Rebates

These grants and rebates are for businesses in downtown Brampton:

Additional Grants

Business Sustainability Stream

“The Business Sustainability stream will provide up to $6.5 million of non-repayable contributions up to $20,000 in direct-to-business funding to support productivity enhancements for brick-and-mortar businesses located on main streets across southern Ontario. Funding will be made available to businesses that employ between 1 and 50 staff, have demonstrated revenue growth, and provide a business case on how the funding will strengthen their existing capacity and support their growth. The Business Sustainability stream is open for applications between February 22 and March 31, 2024.”

For more info, visit the Business Sustainability Stream page on the My Main Street website.

Community Activator Stream

“The My Main Street Community Activator provides support for community projects in southern Ontario designed to draw visitors and increase local vibrancy. This program supports high-impact placemaking projects that seek to revitalize neighborhoods and reimagine public spaces including main streets, downtown strips and plazas as vibrant and inclusive places that work for everyone. Funding will be allocated to provide non-repayable contributions up to $250,000 to support community not-for-profit projects. Applications are open between February 22 and March 31, 2024.”

For more info, visit the Community Activator page on the My Main Street website.

Templates for Businesses

Winged Media Digital Main Street Seminars

Queen Street Master Plan

Queen Street is a major east-west road running through the city of Brampton and becoming Highway 7 in York Region’s City of Vaughan. It is a key arterial link to major centres beyond Brampton’s boundaries. The City of Brampton is looking to a long-term revitalization and urbanized intensification along this corridor and transit service along this route will play a critical role in the development of this area.

More Information on Queen Street


Downtown Brampton lies within the Etobicoke Creek floodplain. Provincial policies around hazard management restrict the type and amount of development that can occur there today. Riverwalk will be a transformative opportunity to help revitalize Brampton’s downtown and make it healthy, sustainable and resilient.

More Information on Riverwalk