Close up of a human hand massaging woman's back.

Few things are better after a long day at work or an intense gym workout than a massage. Whether you are looking for a Swedish, Aromatherapy, or Rehabilitation massage, Downtown Brampton is home to a variety of professionals that specialize in a variety of techniques, ensuring to leave you feeling your best for the new year ahead.

A Swedish Massage is the most common massage technique, which utilizes firm pressure on the muscles, and helps to increase blood circulation, ease tension in muscles, improve muscles’ flexibility and reduce stress. Drop into the Downtown Brampton Wellness Centre (118 Queen St. W., Suite 205) for a Swedish massage and have your massage therapist propose a personalized treatment plan for you based on an initial assessment of health history.

Aromatherapy massages involve natural essential oils that are massaged into your skin, providing therapeutic value of the oil used. Different oils bring forth healing energies that help to maintain balance and harmonize the mind, body and soul – lavender helps to reduce stress, eucalyptus is used as an anti-inflammatory, ylang ylang for heart health and citrus as a mood enhancer. If you’re looking for a massage enhanced with essential oils, book an appointment with the professionals at First Care Physiotherapy (247 Main St. N.) and you won’t be disappointed.

If you’re looking to make an appointment with a registered massage therapist, drop into Rejuve Massage Therapy Clinic (15 Church St. E.), Brampton Denture Clinic and Wellness Centre (13 Queen St. E.) in a friendly atmosphere in a quiet downtown setting, is the perfect spot for you. Take advantage of their highly trained professionals which will leaving good as new in no time.

Hot stone massages are perfect for relaxing tight and aching muscle groups, improving circulation, and calming an active mind. Visit Bijou Nails & Spa (131 Main St. N.), Lumbini Wellness Centre (122 Main St. N.), or Purple Rain Spa (60 Queen St. E.) to book a session with a trained professional that’ll help you warm up this spring. For those looking for a form of alternative medicine, consider paying a visit to Astra Medi Spa (210 Main St. N.) for a cupping massage. This popular massage is done by placing special “cups” on the skin, creating a vacuum, and suctioning out air, raising the tissue into the cup. This allows for enhanced circulation throughout the body, pain relief, as well as draws out any toxins lingering in your body’s tissues.