FitnessThe new year pledge to lose weight is a predictable one, with gyms filling up with people vowing to shed some pounds in time for beach season. Setting fitness goals is a great way to motivate yourself to lose a few pounds, however it is important to make sure that these goals fit your lifestyle and are ones that you will actually stick to. Downtown Brampton has a variety of different destinations available to get your body moving and help you achieve your fitness goals.

If you’re looking to get a quick workout before your way into the office or as a way to decompress on your lunch break, AMA Pilates Studio is the perfect place for you. Pilates are a unique and effective method of strength training, with emphasis placed on breath, alignment, control, and form. The AMA Dojo offers 30-minute Reformer Pilates classes on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings and lunch hours, as well as Pilates Mats and Props class on Tuesday. For class times and details, please visit:

Another way to burn some calories and get your body moving this spring is by signing up for dance classes at the Art of Dance Centre. Spice up your evenings with ballroom or Latin dance lessons. Whether you sign up for private or group lessons, this is the perfect way to have fun while you exercise.