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Wards 1&5 Pandemic Town Hall


From 7:00pm until 8:30pm

Please join us virtually on Tuesday, April 20th at 7:00pm as we discuss COVID-19 with Dr. Lawrence Loh, Medical Officer of Health for Peel Public Health. Have your questions answered during the Live Q&A. Register now: https://tinyurl.com/5bmk9ndr.

Highlights from Premier’s / Provincial Government COVID Update (Recorded from Friday, April 16th announcement with augmentation made regarding playground closures on Saturday April 17th): 

  • Effective April 17th 12:01am, outdoor gatherings only with your own household; those who live alone may join 1 other household. Gatherings with people not from your household are prohibited.
  • State of Emergency and Stay at Home Order extended to 6 weeks, the Order will last until at least May 20th, 2021.
  • Closure of golf courses, soccer fields, basketball & tennis courts. Playgrounds were originally included, however, the Province reversed the closure on Saturday, April 17th.
  • Closure of all non essential construction.
  • Effective April 19th, 12:01 am, Big Box stores restricted to 25% capacity.


  • Ontario daily case average as of Saturday, April 17th is 4370.
  • 20% of the province has 80% of the cases currently in the country. 

Predictions from the Ontario Health & Sciences Table: 

  • 18,000 Covid19 cases by end of May, 30,000 by June.  

Modelling Projections announcement (Recorded from Friday, April 16th announcement): 

  • Hospitals are no longer able to function (setting up field hospitals), separating families due to capacity issues at facilities within regions, children hospitals are admitting adults. Not enough specialized doctor’s and nurses to help weather this storm or to provide the care needed.
  • Recommendation from Dr. Brown: Only essential businesses should be open. More supports needed for workers as positive cases or close contacts to encourage them to stay home or work from work, if possible.
  • Ontario highest case count levels since March 2020, case count is rising sharply.
    ICU’s did not have a chance to ‘empty out’ from 2nd to 3rd waves the way they did from 1st to 2nd waves. This has impacted ICU’s & hospitals greatly. 
  • Vaccines are not being issued fast enough to stop the spread.


Provincial Government Changes to Enforcement: 

  • Province provided more enforcement and power for By-Law and Police for those not abiding by the Stay at Home Order. 
  • Police have been provided the ability from the Province to conduct street checks to ask individuals outside for their purpose for not being at home. Given authority to ask individuals to provide address. On Saturday April 17, the Province changed some of the levels of police authority that was granted on Friday. Furthermore, Peel Police clarified that they would not be participating in random police checks.
  • If unwilling to comply, the officer can issue a ticket. Fines start at $880.
  • Visiting law offices, accounting firms, etc to ensure those inside and onsite are following covid-19 requirements. 
  • Construction sites (essential) will be inspected over the next 4 weeks to ensure they are following guidelines.
  • Checkpoints will be set up at border crossings between Manitoba-Ontario & Ontario-Quebec starting Monday, April 19th.
  • Province asked the Federal government to tighten international borders, limit air travel & further protections at the Canada/U.S. border. 

Provincial Government Changes to Capacity (Big Box, Funerals, Weddings, and Church) services: 

Effective Monday April 19th 12:01am

  • Capacity in Big Box stores restricted to 25%.
  • Capacity for Weddings, Funerals and Church Services set at max. 10 people indoors & outdoors. Drive-In services will be permitted.

Federal Government / Prime Minister Trudeau announcement (Recorded from Friday, April 16th announcement):

  • Federal government signed 8 million more doses of Pfizer vaccine (arrival schedule 4M in May, 2M in June and 2M July), Johnson & Johnson will be sending 300,000 doses, Moderna shipment was cut in half from 1.2M to 650,000 doses for the rest of April.
  • Red Cross being deployed to Ontario to help with mobile vaccination teams.
  • NOTE: The Federal Budget to be released Mon. April 19th


We hope you join us on Tuesday at our virtual COVID-19 Town Hall. Be sure to register now as spaces are limited. Register here: https://tinyurl.com/5bmk9ndr. Please do not hesitate to contact our office if you have any questions about registration.

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