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About Exhibition: Our modern times offer up current events locally, nationally and globally that keep proving we live in a very emotionally charged environment. Collectively and individually, it is not hard to hear of a series of surprises happening that beg for new decisions toward situations or circumstances that are outdated and no longer effective. We translate our daily efforts and affirmations to help us find a new advantage point, to live our best lives during and after these fast-changing times. Welcome to the new normal! As artists, we live to express and each of us has a story to share about what that “The New Normal” feels like and looks like for us and the world at large. This art exhibition will be on display during public hours and for many private events here at the gallery. A cash prize will be awarded to the exhibition artist with the highest votes from the People’s Choice ballots collected in the gallery. Beaux Arts Brampton is pleased to showcase the art of visuals created by contemporary artists poised to share their visions of “the new normal” with our new and existing audiences.

Submission Deadline: January 21, 2018

Reception: Thursday, February 1, 7 - 9 pm

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