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1 Theatre Lane, Brampton ON

A free South Asian hip hop festival.

From 7pm

Rose Theatre Brampton

1 Theatre Lane, Brampton ON


Celebrating South Asian hip hop artists. Performing Arts Brampton is proud to serve in a community where 44.3 % of its residents are of South Asian descent. Thriving in this beautiful mosaic, young South Asian communities are emerging with new voices and new forms of expression. We see the unique blends of different cultures with the rise of South Asian hip hop, where traditional sounds like Bhangra are often married with everything from classic boom-bap, smooth jazz-rap to trap beats.

Sikh Knowledge & Hey Bombay
DJ Roshanie
Tanvir Rose

Referred to as a “cultural mainstay”, the Indian Monsoon is vital to the Indian economy, and has been documented in art, music and literature for decades. An intense period of heavy rain, booming thunder, and plenty of lightening injects an amazing amount of vigor into people, and it's common to see children running about, dancing in the rain, and playing games. Even adults join in! It is with that same spirit we hope to invigorate the growing population of South Asian hip hop heads in Brampton. To come together, celebrate the youthfulness of South Asian hip hop and commemorate the end of another summer in Brampton.

August 27
7:00 PM
The Rose Brampton Lobby

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