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LIVE FROM THE ROSE: Forest Stories


Part of the larger blue skies, red earth & tall pines project, Forest Stories explores and examines our relationship to this land and particularly the trees. We are interested in allowing the content of this work, namely the porous, reciprocal exchanges that happen in forests, to inform the format of the work itself. Facilitated by multi-disciplinary artists, Sharada Eswar & Lisa Hirmer, participants will gather on ZOOM and around trees (in non-COVID times) interact with the land and trees and each other. Over four weekly workshop sessions, we will look closely at our own stash of tree memories lying dormant within each one of us and also revisit aspirations for ourselves through the lens of trees that have affected us the most. The project will include creating our own pop-up story books. No previous experience in arts or writing required.

From 4:00 pm until 5:30 pm

Online via Zoom

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