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“Ghost Tour” Downtown Brampton


45 Main St. South, Brampton ON

A Collection of Spirits

From 8pm

Gage Park - starting location

45 Main St. South, Brampton ON


Steve / 416-876-8588

Photo of old Brampton jail in the dark. bars on windows. Lights behind 3 of the windows.

Canada's Flowertown, one of the fastest growing communities in Ontario, home to thousands of people and many businesses. Lurking under its happy façade lies a dark side, the paranormal. Brampton's downtown core is home to a concentrated amount of paranormal activity caused by 190 years of strange or unusual deaths. This tour has 9 stops. All paranormal, haunted stops are based on 3-5 people who have witnessed the same paranormal activity or my own personal experience. 

Have you ever felt like someone was brushing against you in the Queen & Main area? Perhaps you thought you heard someone mumbling or cursing at you in that area but turned to find you were alone? Maybe you had a run in with one of Brampton's ghosts...join us on this walking tour and find out about this and many more otherworldly visitors, if you dare...

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