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Empowered Through Art – The Outlet by Carrie


Sunday October 27, 2019, 1-4 pm – Personal Boundaries workshop
Art + Wellness; Explore your own creative strength, and its impact of your health, while creating and
connecting with others. Each session focuses on different wellness topics and explores how various
avenues of art can help us express our own emotions and optimize our wellbeing. At ETA, we couple
our thoughts and talks surrounding mental health, with art activities like painting, sketching, creative
writing, and more.
Personal Boundaries Workshop allows participants to share and/or listen to stories and experiences
within the subject of boundaries. Here you will learn how to set and strengthen personal boundaries in
an attempt to live your safest, healthiest life. Together we will explore some of the different ways that

we have let our boundaries become our strength. Tickets are $22 per person. Materials handouts and
light refreshments provided. Visit https://www.beauxartsbrampton.org/events to purchase tickets.

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