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Empowered Through Art – The Outlet by Carrie


From 1:00p.m. until 4:00p.m.

Sunday November 10, 2019, 1-4 pm – Pain & Loss workshop

Art + Wellness; Explore your own creative strength, and its impact of your health, while creating and
connecting with others. Each session focuses on different wellness topics and explores how various
avenues of art can help us express our own emotions and optimize our wellbeing. At ETA, we couple
our thoughts and talks surrounding mental health, with art activities like painting, sketching, creative
writing, and more.
We’ve all experienced Pain & Loss in some way. Wouldn’t it be awesome to let emotions that come
along with these life events , be our inspiration toward creating something beautiful and even
commemorative? During this weeks session, we focus on finding the beauty in “life after loss” and
exploring ways that we can use art to help us express and possibly alleviate painful emotions, as well as
preserve beautiful and meaningful lessons and memories. Tickets are $22 per person. Materials
handouts and light refreshments provided. Visit https://downtownbramptonbia.ca to purchase


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