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Virtual - Live from the Rose

HeART Changers

HeART Changers is a new speaker series that inspires students to be creative, express themselves, and to learn about professional artists who use their practice to create change in the world! This spring, join Performing Arts Brampton for two Healing through Storytelling workshops, presented by KayRay, and moderated and supported by Heartbeats in Performing Arts participants.

May 17: Opening performance by St. Roch's WIRE CHOIR. Recommended for grades 7-12.

June 2: Opening performance by Heartbeats in Performing Arts participants. Recommended for grades K-6.

Healing through Storytelling will explore mental health and personal development. It'll provide more insight on how we view ourselves in the world vs. how others view us, and how we can use this information. Our goal is to bring more self-awareness and empathy, and to ask ourselves deeper questions. We aim to give actionable tools that will allow space to uncover the things we didn't know need more attention and to heal. The question throughout the workshop we will investigate is "What character are you playing?" and are you actually happy with the character you've chosen to play?


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