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Downtown Reimagined – 20 George St Surface Parking Lot Temporary Closure

In order to prepare for Downtown Reimagined and in consultation with the BIA to improve parking garages/surface lots within the downtown area, upgrades and maintenance at the 20 George Street North surface lot (see attached map) will get underway beginning June 2nd.   The surface lot will be closed temporarily to install new lighting, clean and repaint designated parking stalls and provide for accessible parking spots. The complete closure of the lot is required to conduct the work in a safe and timely manner. The attached notice is currently being hand delivered to neighbouring business and residents. Municipal Parking Operations staff will also be available to assist customers find alternate parking during regular business hours.

Although it is indicated that the lot will remain closed until June 7th, staff have allowed for a couple of buffer days for weather and do hope to reopen the lot by June 5th or 6th.  Please see the attachments for more details:
20 George Street North

Downtown George St Parking Notice