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My Downtown Brampton Downtown Dollars are a promotional item created by the Downtown Brampton BIA to bring shoppers into Downtown Brampton and into your business!

Downtown Dollars Gift Certificates is a gift item that can be used towards clothing, delicious meals, or a sweet treat. Please see the list below of participating businesses who accept these dollars. Once someone receives Downtown Dollars, that person can use them in the same way as a gift certificate or cash at any downtown business.

Please note that like a gift certificate, cash change does not need to be given out. Please try to encourage the customer to spend the amount on the dollar. Once the dollars have been used, the merchant collects them, and writes their business name on an envelope with their dollars inside, and brings the dollars to the DBBIA office, where they are reimbursed with a cheque.

The BIA will always honour Downtown Dollars, so please never refuse them! If customers ask where they may be spent, please direct them to our website.  Please do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions or concerns at 905-874-3518.

Thank you,

The Downtown Brampton BIA Staff

Businesses who accept My Downtown Brampton Dollars:

9 | QUEEN Chinese
9 Queen Street East, Brampton
(905) 874-8688

Astra Medi Spa
210 Main Street North, Brampton

Baci Gifts
37 Queen Street West, Brampton
(905) 457-3660

Brampton Denture Clinic and Wellness Centre
13 Queen Street East, Brampton
(905) 459-7442

Brampton Main Optician
181 Queen Street West, Brampton
(905) 453-2020

Colombia Jeans Fashion Boutique
14 Queen Street West, Brampton
(905) 451-0770

Connections Lounge
18 Queen Street East, Brampton
(647) 920-5647

25B Main Street North, Brampton
(647) 273-1498

Deborah Kenny Jewellery
25 C Main Street North, Brampton

Dolcezza Custom Cakes
71 Main Street North, Brampton
(905) 872-5442

Dress People
27 Main Street North, Brampton

Fanzorelli’s Restaurant & Wine Bar
50  Queen Street West, Brampton

Ice Cream Cafe
23 Main Street South, Brampton

Indian Curry Express & Bar
47 Queen Street West, Brampton

Knowledge Bookstore
177 Queen Street West, Brampton


Little Shop of Ice Cream
1 Theatre Lane, Brampton
(905) 454-0101

perpetual bazaar logo

Perpetual Bazaar
111 Main Street North, Brampton
(905) 453-5525

pizzanini logo pt 2

18 Main Street South, Brampton
(905) 497-6246

Queen Gypsy
10 Main Street South, Brampton
(905) 457-2001

Restyle Beauty Boutique
59 Main Street North, Brampton
(905) 451-8555

Segovia Coffee Co.
46 Main Street North, Brampton
(905) 456-3131

Stephan’s Furs Ltd
57 Main Street North, Brampton
(905) 451-1111

Superior Shea Butter Blends
27 Queen Street East, Brampton
(647) 769-9770

The Scented L’air
29 Queen Street East, Brampton
(905) 216-8766

The Wee Smoke Shop
63 Main Street North, Brampton

The WORKS Gourmet Burger Bistro
8 Queen Street East, Brampton