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Downtown Brampton Capital Project Notice of Borehole Investigational Work



The Region of Peel, in coordination with the City of Brampton, will be doing some survey work in your area in preparation for the Downtown Brampton Capital Project phase 1 construction anticipated to start in the spring of 2018. This work will start on Monday, April 24 and is expected to take about four to six weeks (4-6) weeks to complete, weather permitting. Work hours will be from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

During this time, you may notice Region of Peel staff and contractors doing the following activities in your neighbourhood: • Drilling small vacuum excavation and boreholes in the curb lane of the road to determine utility heights and ground conditions.

This work will take place on the following streets:

• Queen Street – Mill Street to Centre Street

• Main Street – Nelson Street West to south of Wellington Street

• Chapel Street – Queen Street to Peel Street

• Moore Crescent

• Mary Street – Queen Street to Moore Crescent

• Elizabeth Street – Queen Street to Wellington Street

• George Street – Queen Street to 50 metres south

• Maple Avenue

There will be no impact to businesses, sidewalks or pedestrian traffic, and vehicle traffic will be maintained at all times. There will be intermittent disruptions to the availability of on-street parking along the streets identified. It is recommended that City of Brampton parking facilities, with one hour of free parking, be used during this time. These facilities are located on Diplock Lane, Theatre Lane, George Street South and John Street. (See map link)

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