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Unique Support Services consist of a combination of over 25 years of managing and providing direct support for individuals and their families with Physical and or Mental Disabilities.

Unique Support Services recognize that there are times when unforeseen circumstances may occur and families, agencies or individuals will need to locate immediate support. Unique Support Services provides you with certified and trained staff who will meet your day to day personalized requirements in your residential or community setting.

Unique Support Services include:

    • Respite/relief or temporary staffing support for individuals and families
    • Staffing support for social service Organizations, individuals, and families
    • Staffing support for individuals who live independently
    • Community Engagement, monthly scheduled activities, and community events
    • Supported customized preplanned vacation packages individuals and families
    • Cleaning Services:
    • Provide immaculate and meticulous cleaning for your businesses and homes
    • Excellent customer service skills
    • Superb pride in getting the job done satisfactorily
    • A well-balanced support team to work with you
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