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9 George Street North, Brampton, Ontario L6X 0T6, Canada
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Our core values were and still are the heart of our business. They’ve helped us keep a close culture and connectedness as we’ve grown to over 200 employees!

Our first core value, Safety First, comes down to our most primary obligation and the purpose of our business. That is, to provide a safe swim and work environment for our students, parents and our staff.

Kids Have Fun, Parents See Progress was an essential part of the way Tiernan taught that first summer and it’s truly shaped how our programs have evolved since then. It comes down to finding a balance between the happiness and success of both the parent and the child.

Many of our reviews mention how clean our facility is and that we take great care to ensure it’s Always Clean, All the Time, no matter the location. It’s part of having a high standard of excellent in the water and out.

Cheer for Each Other is about celebrating successes in both our students and staff. Recognition helps motivate and inspire and happens all the time at Making Waves!

We believe everyone can learn to swim and learn to love the water and we’ll do Whatever It Takes to make sure that our students see progress and that they enjoy their lessons. It’s all part of providing world class customer service!

Making Waves Swim School