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Make the Downtown Brampton e-Gift Card the newest addition to your corporate gifting program! Whether you’re recognizing stellar employee performance, thanking a client for their continued support or looking for a unique and useful raffle prize, the Downtown Brampton e-Gift Card offers a perfect solution.

The Downtown Brampton e-Gift Card is a digital PAiY app gift card that can be used at 15+ participating downtown Brampton businesses including restaurants, clothing stores, personal care services and more. With a corporate account you can quickly and easily send a personal message and e-gift of any value using just the recipient’s first name, last name and email address.

Benefits for Your Organization

Spend Your Budget on Gifting, Not Administration: With zero fees for account set-up and transaction processing, plus no need for packaging and postage, you can be sure that your gifting budget is being spent entirely on showing your employee/client appreciation. Additionally, any e-gift cards that remain unclaimed after 30 days will automatically expire and be refunded to your account for future gifting.

Convenient – Easy – Fast: The program is entirely digital so gifting can be socially-distanced, remotely managed and immediately deployed while the sentiment is top of mind. Access the corporate portal with any web browser to manage funds, send e-gifts (individual or batch), and view transaction/status reports.

Show Local Support and Make a Difference: The purchase of a Downtown Brampton e-Gift Card encourages community spending and helps local small businesses recover from continuing COVID-19 challenges. Studies across Canada and the U.S have shown that for every $100 spent locally, an average of $48 is recirculated in the local community (vs. just $14 for multinational corporations), promoting job growth and economic resiliency.

How to Start Gifting

  1. Contact for a registration link and invitation code.
  2. The Downtown Brampton BIA will review your registration request and provide you with quick-start gifting instructions
  3. Login to your account and start gifting

For any questions, please contact