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Brampton ready to meet demands of university proposal

October 26, 2016

Brampton ready to meet demands of university proposal

BRAMPTON, ON: Today in an announcement at Brampton City Hall, the Ontario Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development identified Brampton as a target location for building a new post-secondary facility.

Mayor Jeffrey and Councillors, along with members of the City’s Blue Ribbon Exploratory Panel for establishing a University, were present at the announcement made by Minister of Finance Charles Sousa. All welcomed the news and the opportunity to solidify Brampton’s position as a growing and well connected city, and to help deliver more post-secondary education capacity to an underserved, young and diverse population.

“Successful cities combine capital, knowledge, corporate commitments and innovation to spark their next chapter of growth and development,” said Mayor Linda Jeffrey. “Today’s announcement by the Province means that Brampton will be home to a university campus that will foster innovation and deliver the skills needed to be successful today and in the future.”

Bill Davis, former Ontario Premier, was named Chair of the City’s Blue Ribbon Exploratory Panel in 2015. The Panel has been working since then, laying the groundwork to enhance Brampton’s position as the right choice for a new post-secondary facility. Mr. Davis was at City Hall for the announcement today.

“We’re very pleased with the Province’s recognition of the strong case Brampton has made for establishing a new university here,” said Mr. Davis. “We’re excited to present our plans and options as this project moves forward and we’re confident Brampton will soon be home to innovative post-secondary programs to help Brampton students develop skills critical for the future of the City, the Province and Canada.”

The government will launch a call for proposals in January 2017. Ontario universities will be encouraged to work in partnership with local communities, businesses, and other institutions to develop proposals for the new facilities.

The province’s plan is to create new postsecondary facilities focused on science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics – skills important to current and future employers, and often grouped together under the acronym STEAM.

Quick facts:

  • Brampton is the 9th largest municipality in Canada and the only city among the Top 10 that does not have a major university campus
  • An economic impact study of a new post-secondary facility in Brampton estimated construction would add more than 1800 jobs, and ongoing operations would add more than 1500 jobs
  • The projected increase in population age 18-24 in Brampton between 2011 and 2021 is 35,400
  • The federal government’s target for increasing the numbers of international students in Canadian universities is an excellent match with Brampton’s demographics, featuring an immigrant population of 51 per cent, with strong ties to countries in South and East Asia, the source of about 61 per cent of Canada’s international students currently


About Brampton: The ninth-largest city in Canada, Brampton celebrates a diverse population that represents people from 209 distinct ethnic backgrounds who speak 89 different languages. Brampton residents and visitors have access to state-of-the-art recreation facilities and one of the fastest-growing transit systems in Canada. Opened in 2007, Brampton Civic Hospital is part of the William Osler Health System, which is one of the largest community hospitals in Canada. For more information, visit or follow @CityBrampton on Twitter.

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