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An All-Digital Art Exhibition at Beaux Arts!

An All-Digital Art Exhibition at Beaux Arts! 

Brampton, Ontario: For Immediate Release

Beaux Arts Brampton once again continues to be a leader in the art world with its first ever Digital visual arts showcase, as it debuts its Perception Digital Art Exhibition. Artworks from across the Greater Toronto Area illustrate the variety of styles within this discipline of art and the unique perception that comes with the ever-evolving art world. Beaux Arts’ very own Gallery Committee continues to seek new and exciting art practices and bring them into the public view, as Perception creates space for audiences to explore the vast possibilities within the digital world. The theme of this show asked artists to show how this recent art form inspires their creativity, and manifests in their practice. Perception Digital Art Exhibition runs from Wednesday, June 8th to Saturday, July 2nd, 2022, in Beaux Arts’ new gallery space, located at 16 Queen St. East, in downtown Brampton, and digitally in its 3D Online Gallery space.

“As the world changes, we find ourselves evolving with it, as do all our ways to express ourselves and tell stories. From intricate carvings, to painted amphora, and the portraits capturing a moment in time, art has deepened and evolved right alongside humanity.” says Gallery Chair, Tyler Andrews and Operations Manager, Josephine Condotta.  “We’re so excited to debut an amazing show and the artists involved! While we’ve accepted digital artwork before, we’ve never experienced a show totally dedicated to this art form, and the submitting artists really did an amazing job showing the creativity and beauty that goes into their work. Our Audience can look forward to expanding their perspective and evolving right alongside art as it makes and inspires evolutionary history.”

Beaux Arts Gallery is committed to engaging with artists at various levels in their careers to present their work in a supportive environment that fosters understanding of complex subjects and diverse set of ideas. Beaux Arts collaborative exhibitions, programs, and special events offer education, inspiration, and celebration to foster critical thinking, positive social cohesion, and public engagement with ART.  Beaux Arts is a not-for-profit gallery operating successfully since 2002. Beaux Arts was founded by the Brampton Arts Council & dedicated visual artists, with the support of the City of Brampton, Downtown Brampton BIA, Trillium, and many volunteers, members & private sponsors.  If you wish to purchase an artwork or rent our space, please visit the website at:

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Beaux Arts Brampton

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